Rockford Christian Camp – Summer Camp. Our camp runs from Memorial Day until late October. We offer many different amenities around our camp that you can learn about on our rental section. We see this calendar up to date during the season. If you have any questions about our facilities or our sessions, please visit our contact page, send us a message and we will gladly respond.

Requests for dates open January 1,2017.

May 26-29 Memorial Day Retreat
June 2-4 Pick Up & Go Games
June 9-11 Joy Bus Camp
June 23-25 Young Adult Retreat
June 29-July 4 Family Camp
July 07-15 RCC Senior Camp
July 15-22 RCC Intermediate Camp
July 22-29 RCC Junior Camp
July 30-August 4 Iglesia de Cristo en Elgin
Aug 10-13 Northwest Church of Christ
Sept. 2-5 Labor Day Retreat
Sept 22-24 Pick Up & Go Games