Dump Station Update

As of this week, we have begun construction on the dump station. After working with the state and county to approve the plans, we have brought in a contractor. For proper construction, the location that best fits the need is where the flagpole was located. We have since moved the flagpole to the front of the headshed.

In the near future, before camp starts, we will be providing the information about use and upkeep.

We are grateful and thankful for the outpouring of support from everyone to make this possible. God is good, all the time. As the station, nears completion we will provide more images.

Thank you all!

2016 Labor Day Retreat – Reclaim the Name

Many people proclaim they do not need Jesus. Other world religions say he is nothing more than a prophet or a good man. Countless others choose to ignore Jesus and treat him as irrelevant. Jesus said he is the way to the Father and no one comes to the Father except through him. Believers have no reason to shrink back from Jesus or be silent about him. It is time for us to RECLAIM THE NAME! We invite all 7th-12th grade students to join us for the 2016 Labor Day Retreat. Clear your schedule. Bring some friends. Sign up now.

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