About RCC

Our God is an awesome God, and Rockford Christian Camp exists to glorify Him. He shelters us under beautiful trees and whispers to us in the soft winds of summer. At RCC, His word is lifted up, and Jesus is worshiped as the centerpiece of everything in heaven and on earth. His love binds us together and gives grace and harmony to our relationships with one another. We are a coalition ministry of the area-wide Churches of Christ


These pages are in memory of friends of RCC who have passed on. We are lovingly grateful for what they have meant to our ministry. These individuals have put Rockford Christian Camp as a priority in their lives, seeing that the youth of the Rockford area can have a place to find their connection with God, to see Jesus making a difference in their lives. We are so grateful for their lives.

  • Jean Cochran
  • Wil Sirclomb
  • Bill Spohnolz
  • Dane Potts
  • Chuck Miller
  • Frank Lott
  • Don Brewster

RCC Board Members

Any interested parties are invited to attend board meetings. Email using the link below for information about meeting dates and locations. Some meetings may be online. Board members are chosen by the Board of Directors. Board nomination suggestions may be made to individual board members, by attending a scheduled meeting, by email, or by letter. To learn about our board member, visit our board members page.